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Wendy in Cambodia

Here is the latest news from Wendy:                                                April 26th 2017

Hello All,


Dad told me you will be having a meeting today so I wanted to share a bit more for you to bring to that. I wish I could have skyped in to your meeting, but I hope you enjoy meeting together. If you do ever plan a morning meeting, I would probably be able to join you for part of that. I've been here over 5 weeks now and am finding a routine. I am feeling very glad to be back and full of thanksgiving. You might like to hear about typical week day for me: ­ up around 6, usually quite hot already as I prefer not to sleep with a/c, but a fan instead. ­ breakfast­ usually standard western food­ time to pray and plan the day. ­ 2 hours reading, studying and memorising khmer words, letters and phrases from past lessons. ­ cycle 15 minutes to language school­ the traffic is heavy and chaotic so this can be quite a stressful part of the day­ at the moment I cycle to school in the dry but am starting to have a very wet return journey! ­ learn 1 hour alphabet, then have a break for lunch­ sometimes eating locally but usually I take food from home. ­ 2 hours of listening, speaking, reading and writing at school. The classes are about 8 people, and we have various learning methods. The teachers are all very young and encouraging. ­ cycle home, perhaps via the post box or supermarket or to complete errands. ­ prepare and eat dinner. ­ some playing guitar, reading, emailing or chatting with folk, or sometimes meeting up with other Interserve team members. The heat and humidity are draining, so small tasks to keep daily life running take more energy than they would usually. I've had some conversations with people learning about Cambodian Buddhism/animism and the cultural patterns here as well as the world vies, which is so different from the West. The psyche is complex­ I am also reading a book about this currently, called the Warrior Heritage and I will share my reflections in later email updates. Financially I have enough for my first 2 years here which is wonderful!


My prayers now are: Thanks­ I love being here; grateful for lovely growing friendship with my housemate and colleague Marijke (Dutch); for beginning to build relationships with Interserve team, especially really great visit to see the team in Siem Reap; also for some lovely days off at the beach­ which was my first real rest time . For ability to absorb Khmer and see that I am improving in my comprehension; also to arrange a 1­1 tutor time, perhaps 1­2 weekly, to practice speaking and also to start reading Khmer; for God to grow my love for Cambodian people and that i would start to make friendships; also to become part of a church here­ I have visited 2 places. Thank you so much for your interest, prayers and support.


You might like to watch a film called 'The Missing Picture' which is an animation/real footage film of the Khmer rouge history, made by a cambodian filmaker. I've not yet seen it but it is available free online. Perhaps this could be later this year?


God bless you all,




As a church you will remember Wendy Power's Newsletters sent from Cambodia where she was nursing some time ago under the auspices of VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas).  When, after four years she returned to England, she talked to us about her experiences and impressions of Cambodia, and it's people.  Clearly she felt that in some areas there was a need for improvements and she could see an opening where she could help.


After a break back in this country she would now like to return to Cambodia.  She feels very strongly that God is calling her, not only to use her nursing skills, but also to share her Christian faith and love of Jesus with the people of Cambodia whilst living among them.  She saw, during her first visit that, as she says "the Cambodian Church is mostly very young in faith with few mature leaders who can teach and pastor people", and she would hope to be able to serve in this connection.


Wendy plans to return to Cambodia in January 2017, this time to work as a Mission Partner through Interserve, a non denominational mission agency which has worked in Asia and the Arab world for over 160 years.

There is no doubt about Wendy's personal commitment, but in order to be accepted as a Mission Partner by Interserve, certain criteria have to be met, not the least being a financial requirement.  Wendy spoke to the morning congregation at Temple in  November, and asked that we be involved in aspects of her desire to serve the Cambodian people.

Several members of Temple Methodist Church have already indicated that they are willing to support Wendy in many different ways and we wish her well in her desire to carry out this important work. 

Through this page of the Temple Methodist Church web site we plan to keep you up to date with her progress.  In the hope that all will come to fruition and she is able to meet the criteria to achieve her desired vocation, we will post on this page her regular news so that you can feel a part of her work so far away.