Activities & Worship


Please find below a list of activities and fellowship groups that take place at the church on a day-to-day basis. 
Next to the relevant activity is who to contact if you would like to know more.

10.30 am: Vine at Home service via Zoom or Facebook (see link on left)
2.00 pm:  Church Services - Contact: Rev. Wayne Grewcock (see Preaching Plan on left)

Some of the following Sunday activities are currently suspended:
10:30am - 11:30am:
Beginners - Under 5s
Super Sunday for 5-10 year olds:
Adventure Group for 10-18 year olds: Contact for all: Sue Bond

10am - 12 noon:  Parent, Toddler & Baby group for 0 - 4 years.  For more information about the group please click here.

7.30pm (2nd Monday in Month): Fireside House Group: Marilyn Foreman 

7.30pm (3rd Monday in month): Temple House Fellowship at 18 Meadow Close: Rev. Jean Hughes

10.15am ( 1st Tuesday in the  Month):  1st Tuesday Group:  Please contact Ruth Wiliams

10.15am ( 3rd Tuesday in the Month):  Morning Light Group: Please contact Bryan Power

10am – 12 noon:  Parent, Toddler & Baby group:

3 – 4pm (1st & 3rd Wednesday of month Sept-June): Network Fellowship: Pamela Johnston

7.30 pm (Last Wednesday of month):  Men’s Fellowship:
Norman Bolt or Jim Barnes-Phillips
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7.30 pm  (1st Wednesday of month except August):  The Wednesday Group: Jenny Tilbury

10.30 am (2nd Thursday of month):  Wholeness and Healing Service - t
his is a Communion Service.  Everyone welcome: Rev. Wayne Grewcock
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7.15pm for 7.30pm:  Church Singing Group Practice: 
Marilyn Foreman

12 Noon (1st & 3rd Friday of month):  Prayers at Noon: Rev. Wayne Grewcock
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2.30pm (Last Friday of month):  Craft afternoon: TBA

6.30 pm – 8pm:  Adventure Group Activities for 10–18 year olds: Sue Bond

10.30 am (1st Saturday of month):  Coffee Morning - All welcome!

12 Noon (1st Saturday of month) Prayers at Noon: Rev Wayne Grewcock