Diary Dates

Temple Methodist Church Calendar from January 2019

Thur 10th January – 10.30am

Wholeness & Healing Service

Wed 16th January – 3pm

Network Fellowship - Mr Brian Leveridge.

Thur 24th January – 10.30am

Wholeness & Healing Service

Mon 28th January to Fri 1st February – 12 noon

An Hour of Prayer and Meditation

Wed 30th January – 7.30pm

Temple Men’s Fellowship – Ffestiniog Railway talk by Mike Russell.

Wed 6th February – 7.30pm

Wednesday Group – Admiral Preedy & the Victorian Internet by Trevor Waddington.

Sat 23rd February – 10.00

Grand Jumble Sale in Church Hall.

Tue 12th  March – 2.15pm

Church Council Meeting.

Thurs 11th April – 2.30pm

Pastoral Meeting.

Tue 30th April – 2.30pm

Planning Meeting (in place of Family Committee).